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take - break - create

ravings of a knob...

Generally Eclectic Noise Exchange
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Under Construction! We're just getting started. To join, get in touch with us and we'll probably add you.

genoxx will be used as a platform to exchange bits and pieces recorded by its members. We will all be into music and homerecording, artists without record deal, who mainly work on their own or started a small project. We want to assist each other in giving advice, in sharing opinions, in providing ideas.

This is only the livejournal for this community. We plan to set up a website with database to have an official centre for our project. The idea is that every member gets the chance to share his/her ideas or files, so that another one can take it and work with / on it. Things one member couldn't complete can so be worked on together.

So who are we looking for? It would be great if you have the same taste in music, because that would make an exchange easy. But then there are so many other styles and influences, it would be a shame to ingore them completely. I would say: come and see if you can get along with us and the rest will follow. BUT: you should be interested and creative! That's the only condition.